20 Incredible Pics that You Need a Lot of Luck to See In Reality

No matter how much a person travels covering all the dots on the map, they still wouldn’t be able to catch all the amazing moments and beauty nature provides. Each and every habitat and environment has its own specialty that can’t be owned or moved. We can definitely try and capture these moments so as to share them with the world but nothing can be as real as to the feeling that moment provided.

In order to show you these gratifying encounters which is the easiest way to spread the news of a place, here are the amazing shots which were taken by people as they explored their path. The uniqueness and the beauty itself wraps around the curiosity and sensitivity through and through. Enjoy the list!

1. It’s a section of ice in the ice caves of Iceland.

A part of the cave turned into amber when it caught the golden rays of the setting sun.

2. The leaf is weirdly outlined by water droplets on all the sides.

This process is called Guttation, where the plant exudates drops of water. It happens commonly when transpiration is suppressed.

3. “Lightning strikes a hole-in-one at Lakeside Golf Course last weekend in Lexington, KY”.

The scar is amazing, man!

4. These are lizard eggs, in case you’re wondering.

Look at how tiny they are.

5. Striped mackerels on their way to getting some fresh air.

I guess being in a group is getting stuffy.

6. What the…..is this Big Foot’s gigantic foot?

Well, nothing like a deeply rooted foot, right?

7. The double-decker bus is perfectly aligned with the building in the back.

What a picture perfect moment!

8. It’s good to see natural super long hair once in a while.

We don’t see this much hair nowadays.

9. The tree went into spiral mode as it laid down.

Is this cool or what?

10. Woah, this is a close one.

It could fall any minute.

11. This cactus plant is giving the mid-finger.

So thorny, huh!

12. What do you think this is? A golden egg?

And the answer is, it is a pine sap!

13. Now, this is an egg that wants to be a duck.

Like an entirely different species.

14. “These two mosquito bites on my dad’s arm look like a sperm trying to get to the egg”.

They will find their way to each other.

15. “These crystals I found in a 22-year-old bottle of pine-sol”.

Such interesting chemical reactions.

16. Lightning does wonders, and this is one of the results.

A spectacular middle split.

17. The Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

18. This Latte art is an absolute masterpiece.

19. These ladybugs spots are squares instead of circles.

20. A 1,625-year-old Bonsai

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